BrainLeap™ awarded $225K NSF Grant

BrainLeap Awarded $225k National Science Foundation Grant

BrainLeap™ Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant.  The grant is for $225,000 to continue research and development on BrainLeap’s suite of attention training games. The NSF grant is specifically focused on developing gamified assessments that act as independent measures of attention.

The gamified assessments will be built into the attention training suite to measure improvements in attention similar to what is currently done in a research lab.

The combination of attention training games and assessments enables teachers, administrators, and parents to support struggling learners by helping them improve their foundational attention skills. Just as reading is a foundational skill for learning science and history, attention is foundational to effectively focusing on education material in the classroom and at home.

“Receiving the NSF grant will help us move our research and development forward faster, and it is validation of the approach we are taking to help children… achieve better academic results,” said Jeff Coleman, CEO of BrainLeap Technologies. “We feel it is important to help children reach their full potential, which is a primary motivation at BrainLeap.”

BrainLeap is scheduled to start beta testing the attention training suite in a month or two.


For more information on the results of the BrainLeap™ beta tests visit our Science page.  We review the ways in which Attention and gaze were improved in our participants in these initial clinical trials. Our understanding of how eye movement and attention work together allows us to use eye movement to train attention. The games we have developed gradually shape behavior using visual and auditory feedback provided in real time. They are designed to improve the speed, accuracy, and control of eye movement and in doing so they improve the speed, accuracy, and control of attention. Read more!