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Ways to Increase Attention in Kids

Ways to increase atten… wait what? 

Whether your child is in first grade or seventh grade, the importance of attention remains the same. Lack of attention can make learning extremely difficult for everyone, especially children. As children continue to navigate new learning environments, whether at home or in-person, it’s important to help them improve their attention in any way you can.

At BrainLeap, we believe in the ability to naturally increase your child’s attention. Because of this, we’re providing a list of a few things you can start doing to help your child focus.

4 fun energizers for your home Zoom classroom

The transition to remote learning this past year has been a challenge for many families. Getting your child up and ready for school in your house seems somehow even more difficult than when they had to get to school! 

If you’re a parent, working from home with your kids can make things even more difficult. Making sure they stay focused on the teacher, do their homework, and let’s be honest, even logging into Zoom can take hours of your day. So what can you do to keep them engaged with their school work?